If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves. 

Maria Edgeworth

states I've visited

I have a lot of faves in this life but the ones I'm most passionate about are chocolate, travel, and exercise. I use the heart emoji and polka dots a little too much. I have a big heart with even bigger emotions and I value genuine people and real relationships over looking good. I'm serious when I say, want to be friends? 

Photography was not always on my radar as an occupation. Entrepreneurship was even farther. I started as a teacher but through my years, I have accepted that I am more sentimental than the average person and comfort comes in capturing memories that do not last for long.


families I've worked with


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years this has made me happy


Hi! I'm 



I was fifteen years old when I fell in love.

He was a nineteen year old hunk, making a joke about his untimely balding and I was a tomboy, trying to be cool. Twelve years later, he's still balding, I'm the farthest from a tomboy you can imagine and I'm even more in love with him than I started. He is my number one why because he inspires me to live with my heart wide open, in strong stance for what I value, and to believe in the creativity that has always been within me.


She was a fifth year anniversary present.

Conception was a journey in itself, but when I saw those two lines, I embarked on the wildest one yet. My daughter, Belle, is my second why. She is a living lesson for me. A lesson in my own personal value, faithfulness, in renewal and relationships. She encourages me to explore curiosity and to never be content. 


And I could never forget you.

I can confidently say you are my third inspiration. Motherhood and its story is unique and personal. We are the perfect mothers for our little ones and the blessings I receive in establishing a relationship with you and your family can never be undone.